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The Carnegie Hall building in Edgartown, MA.

The Local Arts and Music Scene on Martha’s Vineyard

by Harbor View Hotel

Martha’s Vineyard is a charming New England coastal island where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of big-city life. With stunning beaches and picturesque harbors, it’s easy to see why The Vineyard charms those who have the privilege of setting foot on it. While nature and tranquility are both a big draw to the island, Martha’s Vineyard itself is a vibrant destination with a rich arts and entertainment scene. For some, a visit to The Vineyard is the perfect excuse to immerse oneself in the art scene. In preparation for your next day spent exploring the island, learn how to incorporate the arts into your itinerary and elevate your experience.


As a visitor to Martha’s Vineyard, there are ample ways to reconnect with your sense of creative wonder while learning more about the history and values of the area. Here are some ways to view top-tier artwork during your next trip.


These cultural buildings are guardians of precious artwork, manuscripts and other historical remnants. Museums often feature special events like workshops, films and date night activities. The charming seaport village of Edgartown is home to a variety of historical homes that demonstrate the island’s cultural and artistic history, including rare artifacts showcasing the island’s maritime and whaling history. Just a short walk from the Harbor View hotel is the Carnegie Heritage Center, in which an exhibit showcases the historical development of Martha’s Vineyard.

Local Galleries

Galleries are like bite-sized museums. Small and manageable, they’re ideal for travelers who want to enjoy the island’s laid-back atmosphere at a gentle pace. Edgartown is home to numerous galleries designed to showcase the best of local artists and craftspeople. Plan a day to explore a few of the most notable galleries, such as the Eisenhauer Gallery, Old Sculpin Gallery, Featherstone Center of Arts, Granary Gallery, The Moore Family Gallery, and the Field Gallery. For a low-pressure activity, stroll through a gallery on any weekday afternoon. You can even purchase a small gift to support a local artist and surprise a friend at home. If you find a unique piece that speaks to you, you may be able to arrange shipping for it to meet you upon your return home.


After a day at the museum, music helps you decompress while uncovering the soul of Martha’s Vineyard. Here are some activities for the musically inclined.


During the summer months, the island comes alive with music as people gather to listen to artists from far and wide perform. Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series draws in a variety of musical styles. There’s truly something for everyone. Concerts are held at various locations throughout the island, including the Martha’s Vineyard Performing Arts Center and in outdoor parks. Whether you soak up a peaceful night of jazz under the warm summer night sky or you immerse yourself in an evening of classical music at the performing arts center, you’ll soon discover why music is integral to the lifestyle of Martha’s Vineyard. Beach Road Weekend is one of the most anticipated musical events every year. Taking place in August, this is a three-day festival of pop, rock, and fun with performances from many famous musicians. The festival attracts nearly 10,000 music enthusiasts every year, making this a busy week, so plan ahead.


Make room in the itinerary for activities to expand your imagination and transport you to new worlds. Like concerts, theaters offer something for everyone. On Martha’s Vineyard, this is undoubtedly true. The Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse is a year-round live theater with musicals, plays and programs geared for any taste. For kids, the theater’s children’s programs are a must, while adults will enjoy evenings spent enjoying top acts. Whenever you plan your travels to Martha’s Vineyard, there’s sure to be something exciting going on. There are plenty of activities and attractions year-round for families, couples and solo travelers to enjoy. So, be sure to take a break from one of the many stunning beaches long enough to immerse yourself in the unique and wonderful arts and music scene thriving here on Martha’s Vineyard.


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