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Captain's Cottage exterior at the Harbor View Hotel.

Home Ownership on Martha’s Vineyard

by Harbor View Hotel

Many people dream of escaping their busy lives and fleeing to a secluded island where they can watch the waves come in and out with their toes in the sand. Well, you don’t have to go to a tropical island for this, because Martha’s Vineyard is an idyllic island with plenty to offer. This New England island on the East Coast attracts people from across the world who are seeking a casual, laid-back atmosphere, outdoor lifestyle, beautiful beaches and stunning natural surroundings. Vineyard vacations are a joy, and you can come back anytime you want when you buy a vacation home on the island! There are several options for purchasing property on The Vineyard, including here at the Harbor View Hotel, where our Captain’s Cottages provide luxury home ownership without the hassle of maintenance and management.


There’s something enchanting and authentic about life on Martha’s Vineyard. While visitors enjoy the relaxing beaches, many outdoor activities, and luxury amenities of resorts like Harbor View Hotel, the island has even more to offer vacation homeowners. The locals are friendly and warm, so you’ll feel immediately welcome. And while tourists take advantage of the sunny summer days on the island, the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard continues for residents during the off-season. With the crowds gone, the colder months are great opportunities to enjoy the pristine landscapes and natural beauty during a long weekend stay. The stunning ocean views are still there for you to enjoy, and the winter flurries and spring flowers are all sensationally beautiful and endearing, making The Vineyard irresistible no matter what time of year it is. Martha’s Vineyard has become a popular location for wealthy people to buy vacation homes, owing in part to its unique charm, natural beauty, and privacy. In addition, the island retains its small-town appeal, with cottages complete with colorful hydrangea gardens and white picket fences and a town center that boasts brick storefronts and picturesque rose-covered pergolas. Today, Martha’s Vineyard seamlessly blends luxury with island charm. So, you can own a stunning house and enjoy the laid-back, endearing vibe of the island.


Aside from the idyllic coastal lifestyle, the island also offers a broad range of outdoor activities year-round, from boating to hiking to kayaking! The wildlife on Martha’s Vineyard is diverse and fascinating, making it the perfect place for passionate fishers or nature enthusiasts. One of Edgartown’s best local attractions, the annual fishing derby, takes place each fall. This is an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to come together, participate in some fishing, and refocus on The Vineyard’s spectacular natural beauty. The island further offers avid bird watches the chance to spot a variety of species on the shores and in the treetops, including Ospreys and other nesting birds. For the folks who prefer the indoors, the island offers vacation homeowners elevated dining and shopping opportunities. You’ll find a handful of big-name brands, but most of the stores and shops are locally owned, unique places, like clothing boutiques and candy stores. Enjoy chewy saltwater taffy or hand-rolled fudge made right on the island!


Life is good for those who are fortunate enough to own a vacation home on the Vineyard until it’s time to find an electrician, landscaper, or tradesperson to fix, maintain and repair the island oasis. Given the seasonal nature of the island, tradespeople are busy year-round. During the off-season, there is high demand for home renovations and construction, and in-season, as soon as homeowners start returning to the island, the demand for repairs, and maintenance surges. For this reason, Harbor View Hotel created hassle free homeownership with the Captain’s Cottages. Cottage owners at Harbor View Hotel love arriving at their island home with meticulously maintained gardens, lush green lawns, and a team of highly trained, hospitality professionals who greet them with VIP service. The team knows every homeowner by name and offers services like room service, daily housekeeping, deliveries, and maintenance. With VIP access to resort amenities, including the pool, top-tier restaurants, and a fitness center, cottage owners have the best of both worlds, a private home with all the luxuries of a resort.

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