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Pasta in a white dish on the table with a blue placemat
Offered Thursday through Sunday

Housemade Pasta Experience

Bettini Restaurant
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Housemade Pasta Experience at Bettini Restaurant

$39 Per Person | Includes a choice of salad and pasta from our Bettini Menu

Experience the delightful taste of housemade pasta crafted with love at Bettini Restaurant. Select from one of the fresh pasta dishes made in-house and a salad from our dinner menu. To make your dining experience even more special, add a wine pairing to your meal for $25, relish a delicious craft cocktail, or explore our extensive wine collection available in the Wine Room at Bettini.

The Process of Making Housemade Pasta:

Making pasta is a simple process that requires only two ingredients: 00 flour and eggs. However, it demands a slow and careful mixture of the egg with the flour, followed by hand-kneading to achieve the perfect texture. The dough is then passed through a pasta machine that cuts it into the desired shape. Learning the art of making pasta can be a fun and worthwhile experience, especially on slow winter weekends on the Vineyard. However, those who prefer to skip the labor can visit Bettini to experience housemade pasta by Chef Martinez. The pasta is beautiful, fresh, and has a silky texture that is full of flavor.



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