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Consider Martha's Vineyard for Your Winter Wedding

by Harbor View Hotel

Winter weddings have the potential to be truly memorable. From the unique picture opportunities to the increased availability of venues, winter weddings shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re planning. After setting your winter date, it’s important to choose a location that is just as special as the rest of the wedding. Martha’s Vineyard makes the perfect winter wedding destination.

The reasons that vacationers have been coming to the island for decades are many of the same reasons Martha’s Vineyard is a perfect choice for a winter wedding.

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Edgartown is Perfect for the Winter

The quiet town is home to amazing shops, restaurants, and fun wintertime activities for guests. If you want to explore the island, there are still tons of walks, tours, and trails to walk. Plus, visiting in the off-season means fewer crowds so you and your guests will enjoy your time at a reasonable pace.

You probably won’t be spending as much time at the beaches, but they’re still incredibly picturesque and calming. The empty beaches make for great nature photography or group pictures. If you’re looking to host your special day close to the beach, Edgartown’s Harbor View Hotel provides the perfect cozy setting for your winter wedding.

Enjoy The Weather

Edgartown in December typically hovers around 40 degrees, so make sure to bundle up first. That being said, there are some amazing sites to see with snow on the ground. The Edgartown Lighthouse with snow around it, in addition to making for some great wedding pictures, is spectacular. Nothing says the winter season in Martha’s Vineyard like the lighthouse covered in Christmas lights.

Preparing for your wedding and looking out the window during a light snowfall is magical. The unforgettable wedding excitement paired with the winter atmosphere is an unbeatable combination. The cozy vibes are reminiscent of your favorite winter-time movies.

Experience the Romance of the Island

It’s not hard to see why Martha’s Vineyard is a common destination for romantic getaways. A winter wedding should feel romantic, so what better place to go than here? The winter is quieter than the busy summers, giving you what feels like your own private excursion. Winter visitors commonly comment on how peaceful and refreshing their stay was, making it the perfect combination both before and after the wedding.

Harbor View Hotel provides both the perfect place to stay on Martha’s Vineyard and the ideal venue for a winter wedding. Stay and book your wedding with us to experience what makes winter in Martha’s Vineyard so magical.

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