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The Veranda

The Quintessential Martha’s Vineyard Experience

Since 1891 people have been traveling here…

Since 1891, our guests enjoyed the pristine views that the Harbor View Hotel offers; graceful sloops gliding by with the wind in their sails, the natural beauty of Chappaquiddick Island, and shimmering ocean waters lit by the morning sun. The peace and quiet our Veranda offers are disturbed only by the occasional sound of the wake and rigging of passing sail boats, or summer porch laughter carried on the breeze.

Years ago, to preserve the peaceful repose of our ocean front location, the historic town of Edgartown and the hotel’s surrounding community, set forth a preservation ordinance. In order for us to abide by this ordinance, we must ask that you, your friends, and your family enjoy the Veranda peacefully, without sound amplification of any kind. In addition, please understand that as part of this ordinance, our service staff is not able to provide any service of drinks, food or activities on the Veranda. We welcome you to order drinks from the bar in the Clubhouse or Bettini and bring them to the Veranda to enjoy. Our service staff will maintain and clean the areas regularly but cannot provide beverage service.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we try to be a respectful neighbor within our community.


Scott Little, General Manager 

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